What is Your Social Media Valentine’s Day Personality Type?

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Valentine's day personality typesYes, another Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and soon our social media communities will be buzzing about the holiday.

We all see them. From the friend with the evil conspiracy theories about Hallmark’s influence on the creation of the holiday to the Instagrammer that takes countless pictures of the gigantic diamond he bought his Valentine this year while apparently forgetting to include the hashtag #db, there are all types of Valentiners on social media.

Well, social intelligence company SDL has used their social media monitoring tools to identify the top Valentine’s Day personality types and have summarized them in this handy infographic.

Social Network Users

I don’t seem to fit in to these categories. I am a guy that is really indifferent to the holiday and I celebrate it purely to brighten my wife’s day, because I know she enjoys it. i guess I lean more towards the purist than anything.

What is your Valentine’s Day personality type?

valentines day personality types


Infographic Credit: All Twitter

Image Credit: Nils Geylen