Watch a Live Stream of Santa’s Reindeer Before Their Journey

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reindeercam logoParents, here is a fun one to show your kids and get them excited for Christmas Eve.

Reindeercam is a live stream where your kids can watch “Santa’s” reindeer as they prepare for their long Christmas Eve journey.

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In addition to the live stream on the website, ReindeerCam also offers a iOS, Android and Windows 8 apps.

For an even special treat, from now until December 24th, you can watch Santa feed the reindeer at the following times:

  • PST (Pacific) – 8AM, 3PM & 6PM
  • MST (Mountain) – 9AM, 4PM & 7PM
  • CST (Central) – 10AM, 5PM & 8PM
  • EST (Eastern) – 11AM, 6PM & 9PM
  • GMT UTC – 4PM, 11PM, 2AM

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