Google Begins April Fools Day a Bit Early This Year; Promotes “Google Nose”

Always the April Fools pranksters (remember last year’s self-driven NASCAR car announcement?), Google is once again partaking in the age-old practice of trying to dupe people on April 1 into believing the unbelievable.

How to Be Found Easily in Google Searches (Infographic)

Here is an interesting infographic I found from BrandYourself, a personal search optimization service that shows the importance of controlling the information that appears when someone Googles your name and how to do so.

How To: Get Author’s Google+ Info to Show up in Search Results

For some time now, some Google web search results have revealed the Google+ information of the author. This is a feature that is possible for any site that clearly indicates its content’s individual authors (mostly news sites and blogs).

Google/Twitter Agreement Expires; Realtime Search Pulled

According to Mashable, Google’s agreement with Twitter that gave the search engine full access to public Twitter feeds has expired. Because of this development, Google has taken down their realtime search feature.

How Important is SEO for Corporate Social Media Pages?

AllFacebook has some interesting stats on the ranking of corporate social media pages in Google searches.

It is amazing to me that, as digital marketing has been around for some time now, more brands haven’t focused on Search Engine Optimizing their social media pages yet.