How Many Food-Related Pins are On Pinterest? (New and Updated Pinterest Stats)

With so much pinning going on over at Pinterest, I thought it would be good to focus a round of Pinterest stat updates on what exactly is being pinned. It has been a little while since I updated my Pinterest post, so there are a bunch of new stats and updates. Below are a few of the highlights of this round. Be sure to visit the full list for hundreds more Pinterest stats.

By the Numbers: 250 Amazing Pinterest Statistics (October 2015)

Here we go again, with another “By the Numbers” post for all my fellow social media stat geeks. This time, we look at the image-bookmarking phenomenon that is Pinterest. Updated for October 2015.

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Pinterest Expands Facebook Integration

The social bookmarking site that has the entire digital marketing community abuzz, Pinterest, is now integrated into Facebook.

Pinterest was one of the apps Facebook announced last night that will be using open graph to post to user’s timeline.