GetGlue Unveils 2012 Summer Olympic Stickers

SocialTV app GetGlue used their blog this evening to launch a new set of stickers that reward users for checking-in to the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, which are now underway.

Here is a schedule of when and on what NBC Sports television property you can see the trials on.

In the same post, GetGlue also gave us a sneak peek of their 2012 Summer Olympics sticker set. Here are the two sets of stickers that will be available soon. Enjoy!

Travel Guide App Uses Augmented Reality to Get You Around the London Olympics

Travel guide appmaker eTips recently launched a number of mobile apps that feature augmented reality to add online information to real world landmarks and other venues in large tourist cities. To help out Olympic attendees get around town this Summer, eTips has included London in its stable of apps. In addition to the super-cool AR […]