How To: Use Digital to Let Your State of the Union Opinion be Heard

In the past, sharing your opinion of the speech, and its content, was relegated to water coolers and talk radio. Now, thanks to the magic of digital, you are able to give feedback online in real time and be heard.

A Comprehensive #Election2012 Twitter List to Monitor on Election Night

This Election 2012 Twitter list is composed of news outlets, pundits on both sides of the aisle, Obama and Romney campaign staffers and some of the more interesting political bloggers. I mixed up the list to include both national figures and some key players in some of the battleground states.

Obama Mobile App Raises Money for Campaign Using Augmented Reality (Video)

Never ones to shy away from using trendy digital marketing technology to give their campaign a boost, the Obama campaign is now using augmented reality to fundraise on mobile devices and do much more.

How To: Unlock the NBC 2012 Presidential Campaign foursquare Badges

NBC Politics and foursquare have partnered up to offer a very cool series of badges for the 2012 Presidential campaign.

How Young is Too Young for Social Networking?

First Lady Michelle Obama revealed Wednesday on the Today Show, that her daughters (ages 9 and 12) are too young for Facebook and that the social networking site was “not something they need.” I never thought much about teens on Facebook, but this story got me wondering; How young is too young for social networking? […]