By the Numbers: 12 Amazing iHeartRadio Statistics

With its star-studded concerts, popular awards show and gigantic social media presence, iHeartRadio has quickly transformed itself from “just another radio app” to a “must-have” internet radio platform. Through creative and significant marketing, iHeartRadio has been very successful in positioning themselves as a leader in a very crowded market.

I recently sat down to see what I could find for iHeartRadio statistics and what I found were some pretty impressive tallies…

How Many People Use Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Other Top Music Streaming Services

There are a bunch of music streaming services in existence. No doubt, there will be quite a bit of attrition and consolidation in this space as many of them struggle to turn a profit in spite of large operating costs.

So how many people are using these services? I wondered that recently, so I decided to investigate…

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Enjoying Spotify? Get Ready to Start Paying

The music-streaming service Spotify debuted in the U.S. last July and quickly became a darling of many.

A few of the big draws to Spotify were a) that it was highly-connected to Facebook, being one of their very first Open Graph partners; b) you were make music selections by artist, by album or by track; and c) it was free.

The free part is about to change.