Harry Potter Fans Treated to New foursquare Badge

If you plan on going to see the new Harry Potter movie in the near future, be sure to check-in on foursquare. Video game-maker EA Games has partnered with foursquare on the new badge to promote their movie-themed video game.

foursquare, 7-Eleven and Super 8 Team Up to Send You into Space

I was snooping around foursquare’s blog today and saw that they are partnering up with 7-Eleven and the new movie Super 8 for an interesting new contest.

Facebook Looks to Compete With Netflix

Apparently, Facebook will now try its hand at online movie rentals. Warner Bros is now offering The Dark Knight through the movie’s official Facebook page with more movies to become available soon. The Dark Knight will cost 30 Facebook credits ($3 US) for a 48-hour viewing window. If successful, this move will put Facebook in […]