Kong Launches Digital Campaign Aimed at Increasing Shelter Pet Adoption

At the heart of the “Pets Need to Play” campaign is the super-cool iPet Companion technology. Visitors to the iPet Companion microsite are able to virtually visit shelters across the country via webcam and play with their cats using robotic toys that they can control right from their Internet browser.

Twitter Makes Following the #SuperBowl Easy

Ever watch an event and want to tweet about it, but you don’t know what the official hashtag for the event is or the Twitter names of the event participants? Twitter and Chevy are taking care of that problem this year for the NFL playoffs.

Vizio’s FanCam Helps Rose Bowl Attendees Prove They Were There

Electronics maker Vizio has created a fun little experiential/digital campaign aimed at attendees of Monday’s Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Ca.

According to an article on the University of Wisconsin website (the Badgers are facing the Oregon Ducks in the big game), Vizio has installed a ‘FanCam’ in the stadium that takes a 360 degree image of the stadium with a 20 billion pixel resolution. Attendees will be able to visit the FanCam microsite after the game and zoom in on the image to find themselves. They can then tag themselves and send to friends via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Is Twitter Looking to Offer Branded Pages?

Techradar and Marketing Magazine both have reports about Twitter contemplating creating Facebook-like branded pages. Their assumption is that this could be the next step in Twitters struggle to monetize their millions of users. I haven’t seen a great deal about this yet, but it is certainly worth watching. This year, Twitter has tried out a […]

How Social Media is Being Integrated Into the Grammys

It seems every big event finds a new way to creatively integrate social media into their production. Last week, we saw the NFL setup a Super Bowl Twitter microsite, foursquare created special badges had fans ‘check-in’ to the Big Game and Facebook had users log in and vote for their favorite ad. This weekend’s Grammy […]