Stumbleupon Gets an Overhaul, or Did It?

If you subscribe to Mashable’s RSS feed, you may have noticed this morning, that they were reporting a major overhaul for the social bookmarking/sharing site StumbleUpon. They were reporting a whole new look to the site and a new logo. Among the non-aesthetic changes included the addition of Brand ‘Channels’ to which you could subscribe to and stumble on their content.

Interestingly, Mashable has since taken down the article. After Googling it, all I could find was a similar article from VentureBeat. StumbleUpon’s site and logo look the same as always to me. Weird….

How to Scan 1000s of Headlines & Read 100s of Articles (and still stay productive)

If you follow me on Twitter or Google+, you know that I like to read and share articles…Lots of them.

What you might not know is that, for every article I tweet, I probably read another 10-15. The digital world adapts to new technology and makes wholesale changes literally every day and it is critical that anyone in a strategy role keep on top of the latest developments for the benefit of their clients and team. Thus, on any given day, I scan thousands of articles and read hundreds of them during the course of a week.

Of course, I have a day job. The catch-22 is that I don’t have a great deal of time to read during the work day, but my effectiveness is very much dependent on reading a bunch of articles. So how do I do it?

Time efficiency is the key and luckily there are a bunch of tools to help out. Here is my method…

Starbucks and….Lady Gaga? Welcome to Bizarro Marketing!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Starbucks, I think of Alternative, Earthy, Non-Conformist, Coffee House, Seattle Grunge. Never have I thought of Starbucks and then thought- Pop, Top 40, Dance, Wigs and Makeup, Meat Suit.

Well up is down and black is white these days in this bizarro marketing world because Starbucks has partnered up with Lady Gaga on a new digital marketing campaign.