How Many People Use Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Other Top Music Streaming Services

There are a bunch of music streaming services in existence. No doubt, there will be quite a bit of attrition and consolidation in this space as many of them struggle to turn a profit in spite of large operating costs.

So how many people are using these services? I wondered that recently, so I decided to investigate…

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Absolut Vodka’s Augmented Reality Tour of Sweden [VIDEO]

Absolut recently launched a new augmented reality campaign aimed at giving consumers a visual tour of the Vodka-maker’s Swedish home.

Augmented Reality tags are now being distributed around Absolut bottlenecks and the iOS reader app can be downloaded from the app store. Each tag has two sides. One side, when viewed with the AR app, shows you 3D scenes of the manufacturing process- the fields where the wheat is grown, the distillery, etc. The flipside has a few special drink recipes, when viewed with the app.

YouTube to Stream Hollywood Movies?

Facebook is dabbling in it; Now it seems that Google is doing it- streaming Hollywood movies.

Hollywood news site, The Wrap, is reporting that Google’s video-sharing social network is close to announcing deals with the major Hollywood studios to stream their movies.