How Many Apps Have Been Downloaded From the App Store? (New and updated Apple Stats)

I have to admit; there are three financial reports that I really look forward to every few months: Facebook, Google and Apple. You never know what interesting tidbits will be mentioned in the filing or in the accompanying conference call. I’ve given you Facebook and Google for this quarter already, so the last of the triumvirate for me to update is Apple.

Apple is interesting because their hardware and software products cut across so many channels. There isn’t much Apple doesn’t touch in the digital world these days. As expected, they continued their upward momentum into this quarter with another round of impressive tallies.

Below are a few of the more interesting Apple stats from this round of updates. Keep in mind that there are now hundreds of stats listed in my Apple posts, so use the links below to check out each of the posts if you are looking for more.

The Importance of Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2013

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