Why you can no Longer Ignore the Hashtag and its #WorldDomination

It’s undeniable that the hashtag is an integral part of social media marketing and from the seriously weird, to the utterly wonderful, there is a hashtag for everything. So, for all the #haters it looks like you’re fighting a losing battle, this small, once rarely used symbol seems to be taking over the world one hashtag at a time.

Disney’s Wreck-it-Ralph Promotion Includes a Real Life 8-Bit Street

Disney recently produced a very creative experiential marketing activation that included a bunch of integrated digital extensions. The project was promoting Wreck-it-Ralph, their latest movie.

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Tweets More Retweetable

With the content and competition on Twitter, you need to do whatever you can to optimize your tweets and stand out from the pack and boost your engagement. Here are three simple ways to do this each time you tweet.

The 3 Key Components of Building an Instagram Community

Unless your brand is top of mind for the average consumer, Instagram isn’t the easiest network to build a large community on quickly, but the value it offers to your digital marketing campaigns makes it an important tool. The good news is that just about every other marketer out there is up against the same challenges. With knowledge of the tools available and a little creativity, you should be able to build a solid, engaged community for your brand.

How to Follow Tonight’s State of the Union on Social Media

President Barack Obama is giving his State of the Union speech tonight (9pm ET) and there is no shortage of ways to follow it on social media. Here are a few good ones…

McDonald’s Twitter Promotion Backfires in a Big Way

McDonald’s recently launched a new digital marketing campaign that included their promotion of the Twitter hashtag #McDStories. The thought behind the move was that customers would share positive stories about their McDonald’s experience.

The tactic has backfired for McDonald’s- big time.

The Cheesecake Factory Rewarding Followers for Including Promo Hash in Resolution Tweets

One of my personal favorite chain restaurants, The Cheesecake Factory, is rewarding their Twitter followers for including a specific hashtag in their New Years resolution tweets.