How To: Use Digital to Let Your State of the Union Opinion be Heard

In the past, sharing your opinion of the speech, and its content, was relegated to water coolers and talk radio. Now, thanks to the magic of digital, you are able to give feedback online in real time and be heard.

(Updated) How To: Watch the 2013 Presidential Inauguration From a Mobile Device

In case you are out and about on Monday, or if you are like me and don’t have the holiday off, and you want to watch the Presidential Inauguration, you are in luck. There is a pretty nice app that will bring the event to your mobile device.

Twitter Encouraging South Carolina GOP Primary Debate Tweets

Twitter used their blog this morning to get their users tweeting about tonight’s South Carolina GOP Primary Debates (9pm, Fox).

They have announced an official hashtag for the debate, #scdebate, and the Twitter staff has curated a suggested follow list made up of mostly political commentators from both ends of the spectrum.