By the Numbers: 45 Amazing Yahoo Statistics

I get a lot of requests for new stat posts these days and one of the most requested companies is usually Yahoo. Makes sense since Yahoo is one of the oldest, largest and most visible digital companies around. Here are the more interesting Yahoo statistics I was able to dig up. As always, I will be updating and adding to this post as more stats become available, so be sure to check back often.

Social Folders: Desktop Software that Syncs Your Pics, Videos and Files with Most Social Accounts

Here is a cool tool for anyone that creates a lot of social content.

Social Folders is desktop software for Mac or PC that syncs up your pics, videos and files with a bunch of the top social networks. It makes making a local backup of your online content simple OR you can easily upload bunches of files by just drag and dropping.

Google/Twitter Agreement Expires; Realtime Search Pulled

According to Mashable, Google’s agreement with Twitter that gave the search engine full access to public Twitter feeds has expired. Because of this development, Google has taken down their realtime search feature.

How Social Media is Being Integrated Into the Grammys

It seems every big event finds a new way to creatively integrate social media into their production. Last week, we saw the NFL setup a Super Bowl Twitter microsite, foursquare created special badges had fans ‘check-in’ to the Big Game and Facebook had users log in and vote for their favorite ad. This weekend’s Grammy […]

Facebook Tip: How you can add an expiration date to your photos

If you are a passive Facebooker and regularly post photos that you would prefer only be viewable for a period of time, you will soon be in luck. German Company X-Pire is set to release its new photo expiration software sometime this week. Basically, before you post an image to Facebook or Flickr, you drag […]