This Week in Digital Marketing

Its been a pretty busy week for digital marketers. Here is a quick summary of some of this week’s highlights…

Now (some of) You Can Watch ESPN on Your iPad or iPhone

ESPN launched a new app this week that is sure to excite sports fans…well, some sports fans. The new WatchESPN app streams live programming from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 or ESPNU to your iOS mobile device. Pretty cool. The catch- you have to be a subscriber of Time Warner, Bright House or Verizon FIOS in order […]

From Daily to Real Time: The Evolution of Sports Reporting

Ever stop and think about how much different your news consumption is compared to when you were young??? I was recently reminiscing about 1980’s college basketball with a coworker and it somehow got me thinking about the ‘good old days’ and how different sports news was reported then. I figured its worth spending a little […]