4 Things to Consider for a Website Redesign

Every few years most sites do a website redesign to catch up with the new features and trends in the design industry. Your website is how you are going to show off your brand. It’s all about having the best user experience, so if you haven’t updated your website in quite some time, maybe you should consider it. There are plenty of reasons why you should hire a professional designer. Don’t try and save money to do it yourself, because in the end you will probably just end up hiring a web developer anyway.

Surefire Ways to Boost your Online Brand Reputation

Nowadays, people go to the internet and online shops to post their items and look for buyers or look for sellers for particular items. Internet has indeed marked a big contribution in our lives especially when it comes to online shopping. It makes our life easier, more convenient and hustle free.

5 Tips for Creating the Best About Us Page

In today’s multi-device, micro-content frenzy, there aren’t many opportunities for your audience to become thoroughly acquainted with your brand; an opportunity to really explain where you came from, and what you’re about, so when one comes along you take it with both hands.

Your About Us page is this opportunity. Maybe it’s a personal habit but whenever I come across a new website, a new potential provider for whichever service or product I’m after, I gravitate towards the About Us page. Nothing irritates me more than a site without one. It’s like finally securing a meeting with a potential client but failing to introduce yourself upon their arrival. Not only does it clarify precisely what your business offers, but for many visitors their first impression of your brand will be formed upon reading this page. Make yours count following these five points.

Market Research Tips for your Small Business

Either you have a small business already and haven’t done any real market research yet, or you are looking to start a new small business and want to make sure you are making the right decisions. You may not be able to afford doing interviews, focus groups, and surveys, so here are some simple and mostly free ways to do market research for your small business.

5 Core Attributes Of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a method of advertising that focuses on helping customers experience a brand. By forming a lasting emotional connection between the customer and the brand, customer loyalty is increased and purchase decisions are influenced. Experiential marketing can encompass a wide range of other marketing strategies, from individual sampling to large-scale marketing campaigns. Here […]

How to Humanize Brands on Facebook

The essence of the problem is that Facebook, like all social media platforms, isn’t the right forum for the standard propaganda that works within billboards, print advertisements and packaging. Facebook is all about people and that means a company’s posts have to convey an emotional, real context.