App Gets Santa to Dance Gangnam Style (VIDEO)

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santa gangnam style appOk, this probably isn’t an appropriate app for very young children, but in searching for fun Christmas apps, I stumbled on Happy Talking Santa from Sixits and I had to share.

Happy Talking Santa has a bunch of fun features including a game where you can chuck snowballs at the Santa Claus while he taunts you and another that allows you to make him sing a custom song.

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The pièce de résistance in this app is the dancing Santa feature. You can use this option to make Saint Nick dance up a storm using the dance moves that you select. Of course, it is only natural that one of the dance options is to have the old guy do the Gangnam style dance.

Once Santa has all the moves down, you can share your dancing Santa creation on YouTube.

The app is only currently available for iPad and iPhone.

Here’s a little promo video for the app that gives you a pretty good idea of what it is all about…