How Many People Use 1000+ of the Top Social Media, Apps and Digital Services?

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Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others, so some of these are based on news reports and not official company tallies. All stats are linked to their source unless it was sent to me directly from the company. It is also difficult, at times, to distinguish monthly users from total user accounts. In other words: This is the best I can find, but I don’t guarantee anything.

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BabyBump: 2 million monthly users

Last updated 10/21/13

BabyTree: 10 million daily active users

Last updated 7/24/15

Badoo: 260 million users

Last updated 8/17/15

Baidu Cloud: 200 million users

Last updated 7/25/14

Baidu Maps: 326 million users

Last updated 11/3/15

Baidu Mobile Search: 643 million monthly active users

Last updated 11/3/15

Baidu Tieba: 1 billion users, 300 million monthly active users

Last updated 7/21/14

Baidu Wallet: 45 million activated accounts

Last updated 11/3/15

Baidu Cang (Wishlists): Still Searching

BAND: 16 million active users

Last updated 2/27/15

Banjo: 6 million users

Last updated 3/8/14

Banter: 10s of thousands of users

Last updated 10/16/15

banzai: 1.5 million customers

Last updated 10/16/15 10 million users

Last updated 9/15/15

BBC iPlayer: 7 million users

Last updated 6/3/14

BBM: 100 million monthly active users

Last updated 10/4/14

Beamit: Still Searching

Bebo: 3 million users

Last updated 8/7/13

BeeTalk: 10 million users

Last updated 5/23/14

Bestpay: 1.3 million users

Last updated 10/23/14

BetterDoctor: 4 million users, 300,000 doctors

Last updated 10/22/13

Social Network Users

Between: 10 million users

Last updated 2/11/15

Biip: 450,000 users

Last updated 10/14/12

Bilin: Still searching

Binneka: 1 million monthly active users

Last updated 11/11/15

BitBucket: 2.5 million users

Last updated 2/5/15

Bitstrips: 30 million avatars

Last updated 12/12/13

BitTorrent: 300 million users

Last updated 5/28/14

BitTorrent Sync: 10 million users

Last updated 8/26/14

BlaBlaCar: 20 million users

Last updated 9/17/15

Blink: 200,000 active users

Last updated 10/27/14

Blippar: 50 million users

Last updated 3/6/15

Bloglovin: 30 million users

Last updated 9/5/14

Blued: 15 million users

Last updated 11/3/14

Bonusly: 10,000 monthly active users

Last updated 12/2/14

Bookmate: 2.5 million users

Last updated 8/18/15 Still Searching

Box: 39 million users

Last updated 10/12/15

Brainly: 40 million users

Last updated 10/16/15

Brit+ Co: 12 million monthly users

Last updated 6/9/15

Buffer: 2.5 million users

Last updated 7/13/15

Bugs!: 126,000 users

Last updated 6/26/14

Bungie’s Destiny: 25 million registered users

Last updated 11/3/15

Burpple: 200,000 readers

Last updated 9/12/13

BusinessInsider: 76 million monthly unique readers

Last updated 9/29/15

Busuu: 55 million members

Last updated 7/15/15

BuzzFeed: 200+ million monthly unique visitors

Last updated 10/12/15

BuzzSumo: 40,000 registered users

Last updated 10/30/14

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  • Mike

    MeetMe , Hi5 … Those sites still have a TON of users believe it or not. Very popular social networks they are