Reality TV Show Creates Social Influence Scoring System

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Silicon Valley Status Social Influence Scoring SystemA big component of digital marketing success these days is value add. Give visitors something they value and you will gain their attention for a brief moment.

Bravo TV has launched a promotional campaign for their new reality TV series, Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, by feeding off the egos of their viewers to add value.

Social Network Users

The cable network has created Silicon Valley Status, a new social influence scoring system (yes, another one).

The system gives you a score based on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activity. Along with your score, they display the scores of the show’s stars to give you reference points and build curiosity about the show and cast.

While Silicon Valley Status will not be giving Klout and Kred a run for their money, it certainly captures your curiosity and attention for a bit. Your average reality show viewer probably isn’t too excited about social scoring, but this activation will likely expand the reach of the show by enticing social influencers, who love to quantify and justify the results of their work/hobby and then share their scores with their sizable communities.

So what is your Silicon Valley Status score? Come on, you know you are going to check…