How To: Be a Public AND Private Individual on Facebook

Many people who use Facebook for personal and work reasons struggle to find the balance between sharing somewhat personal info with friends and sharing with the world. Creating and maintaining a separate page is a boatload of work and, depending on the size of your following, may not be worth it.

In the past, you pretty much had to make the decision- do I make my life public? or do I just shut out everyone I don’t actually know? Most people elected to keep their friend list to those individuals that were close friends and thus, they were not able to enjoy some of the business benefits of growing your network and personally branding yourself.

The Latest Google Social Search Feature: Ask on Google+

I just noticed an ‘Ask on Google+’ link in my search results and was a bit curious.

The new line at the bottom of your search results is likely a feature of Google’s ‘Search Plus Your World’ social search project that was launched a week or so ago. The link looks a lot like the ‘Create email alert’ line that has appeared at the bottom of Google News search results for some time.

Google Pulls the Plug on Six More Projects

Google has closed down quite a few of their projects over the past year as they consolidated offerings and integrated stand-alone services into Google+ and other apps. The latest wave came yesterday as they announced on their blog that they are shutting down five more projects and open-sourcing a sixth.

Chevy Uses Mobile for a Bunch of Super Bowl Giveaways [VIDEO]

Chevrolet is giving away 20 vehicles and 1,000s of other prizes during this year’s Super Bowl through their new mobile app.

The Chevy Game Time app is available for download January 22nd and is aimed at making the Super Bowl a bit more interactive and social. Users will answer game-related questions and polls and those who answer correctly will be eligible to win prizes.

XFINITY Searches for Next Sports Social Media Personality on Facebook

Comcast’s XFINITY brand has launched a Facebook campaign to find its next sports social media correspondent.

The contest, titled “Xfinity Presents: The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job,” is a video submission contest. ‘Applicants’ will be able to record themselves pleading their case and then submit their videos using the contest Facebook app. The videos will be voted on by fans, who will select the top 5 entrants.