WordPress Continues to Get More Social; Adds Chrome Extension

WordPress announced their new Chrome extension yesterday, which is the latest move in their recent push to become more of a social platform.

The key features of the new extension are notifications for new blog likes and follows and the ability to quickly create a new post from your browser. The latter is very handy when you come across a web page that you would like to write a new post about.

Rumor: More Features Coming to Twitter Brand Pages, But They Will Cost You Big

I found this article by AllTwitter pretty interesting. According to industry rumors, Twitter is looking to open brand pages up beyond the 21 test brands they launched pages with last month.

Small and Medium-sized businesses shouldn’t get too excited. Much like everything else Twitter does for brand advertising, the barrier to entry is pretty high. According to the article, it looks like it will cost a business a committment of $25,000 in advertising to secure a Twitter brand page.

More interesting was the last part of the post. They mention that Twitter is rumored to be updating brand pages already. They mention the addition of iFrames (think Facebook page tabs) as a potential upgrade. Very interesting.

Google+ Gives Page Owners More Website Badge Options

Google just announced that they have created a few variations of the Google+ page badge.

If you are new to the Google+ lingo, badges are a widget-like box that are placed on non-Google+ sites and enable visitors to add the company to their circles without leaving the page.

Google+ pages are relatively new and marketers are looking for any way possible to get more followers. Badges are a fairly simple way to advertise your page to a captive audience and pick up a few new followers.

How To: Be a Public AND Private Individual on Facebook

Many people who use Facebook for personal and work reasons struggle to find the balance between sharing somewhat personal info with friends and sharing with the world. Creating and maintaining a separate page is a boatload of work and, depending on the size of your following, may not be worth it.

In the past, you pretty much had to make the decision- do I make my life public? or do I just shut out everyone I don’t actually know? Most people elected to keep their friend list to those individuals that were close friends and thus, they were not able to enjoy some of the business benefits of growing your network and personally branding yourself.