US Homeland Security to Issue Terror Alerts on Facebook, Twitter

According to a memo the Associated Press reports on today, the US Department of Homeland Security is entertaining the idea using Facebook and Twitter as one of its means to issue terror alerts beginning soon.

It is unclear how exactly, they will issue these alerts, but one can imagine that they will be utilizing their current Facebook Page and the new National Terrorism Advisory System Twitter Feed.

Now You Can ‘Unfriend’ Facebook Users From Your Phone

It has never really been very (relatively) easy to ‘unfriend’ someone on Facebook. For some time, the only way to do this was to click on a link all the way down at the bottom of the left-hand column of their profile page.

With the launch of the new Facebook iPhone app update, unfriending someone is now just as easy as sending them a message.

Gamestop Sets Focus on Tablets; Streams Games

Gamestop, the new/used video game retailer known primarily for their brick-and-mortar stores, is stepping up their digital presence, and their sights have been set squarely on tablets. The company has announced that they have purchased Spawn Labs and will begin…

Is Twitter Looking to Offer Branded Pages?

Techradar and Marketing Magazine both have reports about Twitter contemplating creating Facebook-like branded pages. Their assumption is that this could be the next step in Twitters struggle to monetize their millions of users. I haven’t seen a great deal about…

The Onion Releases Fake News App

In what surely was no coincidence, The Onion, the very popular news parody site, released their official iPhone/iPad app on April Fools Day. The new app allows you to read the fake news reports and videos that you have come…

New App Helps You Find a Parking Spot

Now there is an app that tells you where the nearest parking garage is, its hours of operation, where its entrances are and how much it costs to park there. Parking in Motion operates on user-generated parking info, much along…

Volvo Gives You Free MLB Games On Your iOS Device

AdWeek reported today that Major League Baseball will be offering their At Bat 11 mobile app to iPad/iPod/iPhone owners for free during the month of April.

At Bat 11, which offers live, streaming, out-of-market games on mobile devices is being offered courtesy of Volvo. Apparently, it the deal is not available for Android or Blackberry owners.

Google Announces +1…and How is This Different From Facebook???

As part of their new social search effort, Google debuted +1 today.

+1 is, well, a like button. In fact, it appears to be exactly the same as a Facebook like button.

Here is how it appears to work. You search for something on Google. If you really like one of the websites in your results, you click on the +1 icon. Doing this ‘recommends’ the site to your Gmail contacts and also appears to tally the +1s for each site.