5 Email Marketing Best Practices to Avoid the Prospect’s Spam Folder

In order for an email marketing campaign to be effective it should reach the target audience in a timely manner. The first hurdle to overcome is usually avoiding the prospect’s’ spam folder.

If one of your tasks includes sending email to colder leads, this article will give you five helpful tips to help ensure your mail is not considered spam and is more effective.

27 Awesome Star Wars Themed Gadgets

R2-D2 Wristwatch

In this installment of my geek marketer suggestion post series, we take a look at a few of the more interesting Star Wars themed gadgets that would look great in a digital marketing agency or just about any work space or home. Some items are a bit more practical than others, but all are pretty damn cool.

Concerning Twitter’s Password Mass Reset

One of the worst fears that anyone should have when it comes to social media is the idea of their accounts being compromised. There are so many important aspects that they can house, whether it is a matter of location, phone numbers, or what have you. You would not want these to fall into the wrong hands. Recently, that’s what a good number of Twitter’s audience believed happened when they were sent emails prompting them to reset their passwords when they did not trigger them.

How To: Make Your Twitter Followers Feel Truly Special

What’s the worst fate that could ever befall your company’s Twitter account? High on the list would be a scenario like this one: One of your followers reads a few of your tweets one day and asks himself, “Uh… why am I following this company again?” He unfollows. More and more of your followers start to do likewise.