5 Tips for Creating the Best About Us Page


In today’s multi-device, micro-content frenzy, there aren’t many opportunities for your audience to become thoroughly acquainted with your brand; an opportunity to really explain where you came from, and what you’re about, so when one comes along you take it with both hands.

Your About Us page is this opportunity. Maybe it’s a personal habit but whenever I come across a new website, a new potential provider for whichever service or product I’m after, I gravitate towards the About Us page. Nothing irritates me more than a site without one. It’s like finally securing a meeting with a potential client but failing to introduce yourself upon their arrival. Not only does it clarify precisely what your business offers, but for many visitors their first impression of your brand will be formed upon reading this page. Make yours count following these five points.

Market Research Tips for your Small Business


Either you have a small business already and haven’t done any real market research yet, or you are looking to start a new small business and want to make sure you are making the right decisions. You may not be able to afford doing interviews, focus groups, and surveys, so here are some simple and mostly free ways to do market research for your small business.

How Many People Have Access to Amazon Sunday Delivery? (new and updated Amazon stats)


Today’s stat updates are focused on Amazon. Amazon released their quarterly financial statement recently, and with that came some interesting stats. I have updated my Amazon and Kindle stat posts to reflect those new tallies, along with a few others that I’ve stumbled on recently.

Here are a few months of the more interesting new or updated Amazon stats. As always, you can find many more stats in the full posts, which are linked below the stats.

What is the Best Day and Time to Post on LinkedIn? (New and Updated LinkedIn Stats)


As the quarterly financial statements for the publicly traded digital companies continue to roll in, so do the stat updates. This weekend’s round of stat additions and updates were to my LinkedIn stat posts.

If you haven’t noticed, LinkedIn has become quite a bit more active recently. I am trying to find some solid engagement stats that measure this recent growth to share with all of you, but haven’t found anything god yet. The uptick in activity is conspicuous enough that someone will do a study on it soon, especially with long-form posts becoming available to the masses.

Anyways, here are some of the stats I was able to dig up.

Evaluating Yo’s Long-Term Potential

There are certain apps which push you to ask the question, “What’s the point?”

For many, this has been the case for a particular app called Yo. It’s not hard to see why, since it was originally declined from the App Store on Apple devices because of how it seemed to lack substance. In addition, it became a program that many people either criticized or made fun of; Stephen Colbert is an example of Yo being made light of.

No one can deny that Yo, in and of itself, is a very simple program. It’s functionality is as basic as messaging programs can get: all you can do is send the word, “Yo,” to friends on your mobile device. Life Before Us, the company behind Yo, stated that it could be used in order to address individuals in many situations. With App Store descriptions like, “It’s that simple. Yo,” it’s clear that the program doesn’t take itself too seriously. With only word that can be used, though, it’s apparent that many individuals have simply written off the app as nothing but a waste of space.

Is it possible that there is more potential to be had with Yo than what it’s been given credit for?