Why is Social Listening Fundamental For Your Business?


Following our ASRE post, we look at why social listening is a crucial part of the ‘Awareness’ stage when formulating your social media Strategy. Here’s why:

Social media listening is a fundamental tool for any business. Although many companies are not ready to dive into the social media realm to increase brand awareness and reach customers, all should be utilising these platforms to listen (or monitor as it’s often called). Although there are a variety of platforms set up to help you monitor social media usage, such as Meltwater Buzz, it can also be done manually for those smaller businesses.

Calling All Marketing Writers!


People tend to come to DMR for more than just stats and, as the site continues to grow, updating and adding to my collection of digital stats has become a second full-time job for me by itself. To keep everyone up to date on the latest trends and thinking about digital strategy, our community need your smarts!

Facebook has HOW Many Daily Users Now?!? (New and Updated Facebook Stats)


Facebook released their quarterly earnings report earlier today and all of my Facebook stats posts have been updated. Lots of good stuff about mobile, monthly and daily users along with revenue stuff. I also worked in a number of other stats I have had sitting in my logjam over the past few weeks.

As always, this slideshow is only a sample of what I have for new Facebook stats. Be sure to visit all of my Facebook posts, listed at the bottom of this post, for hundreds more.

How Many Emmys has Netflix Been Nominated for? (New and Updated Netflix Stats)

Netflix stats

Netflix is always good for quite a few helpful stat updates when they report their quarterly earnings and their latest report certainly did not disappoint. I’ve added in/updated the facts and stats from their filing along with a bunch of other interesting Netflix stats that I have been meaning to get posted for a while.

Here is a quick slide show of these recent Netflix additions and updates. As always, be sure to visit the entire Netflix post for dozens more stats.

What Was the Most Downloaded Game from the Google Play Store in 2014? (New and Updated Android Stats)

Android stats

With an endless stream of new digital stats coming out recently (and countless more coming out over the next few weeks with quarterly earnings reports), I have made it a goal to get slightly more caught up over the next few weeks. First up is Google’s Android OS and Play Store. There have been a bunch of new year-end and market share stats lately, so here are some of the more interesting ones for your Slideshare viewing pleasure. As always, be sure to check out the full post for dozens more Android Stats.

Freelance Market: IT Business Opportunities for Remote Workers


In the United States, freelancing has experienced a boom over the last several years. Currently one third of all workers in the US are considered to be “independent,” and that number is expected to grow exponentially over the next several years. Some estimates indicate that by 2020, freelancers will make up 40 percent of the workforce.

Some fields lend themselves to freelancing, while others do not. It’s not likely you’ll find many freelance dentist in your city, but you will likely find many freelance IT professionals. Last year, of the $6.8 million earned by freelancers, 54 percent was paid to those working in the technology industry.