100’s of Marketing Jobs Available From Companies Like NBC Universal, Netflix and NYT!

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Hundreds of new jobs have been added to the DMR advertising/communications/marketing jobs board recently. This week’s board features awesome opportunities from employers like NBC Universal, Netflix and the New York Times. If you are actively seeking new employment or just window-shopping, be sure to check out what is available here.

Remember employers, you can also post jobs directly to the board for $15, which is about 1\10th of what others are charging. This is your chance to get your opening directly in front of hundreds of qualified industry pros in a very affordable way. If you are interested in posting a 30-day listing, please visit here to get started.

You’ll Be Surprised at How Many Android Apps are Only Used Once (New and Updated Google Stats)


Without a doubt, the company that I had the most stats to get caught up on was Google. It is really difficult to keep up with Google stats given how many different measurable (and sizable) tentacles there are in the Google conglomerate. That said, last week’s quarterly earnings report gave me a good excuse to chip away at the log jam and get caught up a bit with Google stats.

Here are just a few of the many Google stats either added or updated in this round. As always, see the bottom of this post for links to all of my Google posts for hundreds more stats.

How Many College Students Tweet Daily? (New and Updated Twitter Stats)


Next up for a round of stat updates is Twitter. Twitter released their financials late last week to mixed reviews. User totals haven’t grown too significantly over the past 3 months, but I did update all of the tidbits that came out of the filings along with a bunch of backlogged stats that I was able to add in.

Here is a sampling of this round of Twitter stat updates and additions. For hundreds more, please visit the various Twitter stat posts listed at the bottom of this post.

How Many People Now Use Facebook on a Mobile Device? (New and Updated Facebook Stats)

facebook user statistics 2014

For digital stat geeks, Facebook’s quarterly earnings report and ensuing conference call are always something to look forward to and last week’s reports certainly did not disappoint. I spent a little quality time with my various Facebook stat posts over the weekend and got added/updated everything from the reports, along with other stats that I have put aside recently. The result is a bunch of new and updated stats on each of the posts.

Below are a few of the new and updated Facebook stats from this round. For hundreds more, please check out each of the posts linked at the bottom of this post.

HUGE Updates to Social Media User Total Post- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Netflix, Tinder, Vimeo, Yelp, etc…


I just completed what may have been my biggest update ever to my big user stat post. Between all the publicly traded companies reporting their quarterly financials (and user totals) and just getting caught up on a backlog of updates, I got a bunch in this time.

Below are a few of the many user totals that were updated. As always, be sure to check out the entire list of 700+ social networks, apps and digital services for a complete listing of how many people use what.