By the Numbers: 10 Amazing Craigslist Statistics

craigslist statistics

After three years of creating and updating digital stat posts, I am slightly embarrassed that I have completely overlooked a website that just about all of us have not only visited, but probably patronized for a free bookshelf, condo rental, internship, etc more than a few times.

For us millennials, Craigslist has been around for most of our adult lives and, for most of that time, has been as much a part of our internet experience as Google and Wikipedia. It is a relatively low-key site (with a few glaring exceptions over the years) that just keeps providing a steady and reliable service year after year.

By the Numbers: 14 Interesting Statistics statistics

Currently ranked #43 on Alexa’s top global websites list (just behind is an Internet giant most Americans have likely never heard of. is a true digital conglomerate and one of the largest companies in Russia. Not only do they operate Russia’s largest free email service (similar to Gmail), but they also own one of Russia’s largest search engines, old school instant messaging app ICQ, and Russia’s three largest social networks (Odnoklassniki, VK and My World).

So how big is I sat down recently to pull together a few stats. Pretty impressive considering how focused they are on one country (albeit a very big country).

By the Numbers: 35 Amazing Yahoo Statistics

Yahoo statistics

I get a lot of requests for new stat posts these days and one of the most requested companies is usually Yahoo. Makes sense since Yahoo is one of the oldest, largest and most visible digital companies around. Problem is, they aren’t all that forthcoming with their stats. Even though they are a publicly traded company, their reports generally focus on financials with just a few cherry-picked users stats mixed in. Even their blog(s) contain very little data and the few user stats they do include on their blog and various websites are usually over a year old.

By the Numbers: 12 Amazing Vevo Stats

vevo stats

Remember when MTV used to show music videos? It’s been years since we’ve had an all-music video channel on basic cable, but thankfully digital has picked up and kept videos alive. A little over 5 years ago, Vevo set out to keep videos alive by creating a video entertainment platform that offered videos and music-related on-demand programming spanning mobile apps, and a number of Syndication partners, most notably, YouTube.

By the Numbers: 16 Amazing Viber Stats

viber stats

Viber is quite possible the largest chat/messaging app to fly completely under the radar here in the United States. Viber made headlines early in 2014 when Japanese ecommerce company Rakuten purchased it for close to a billion dollars, but things have been very quiet for Viber stateside since.

It isn’t often that you can find an app with 608 million registered users that you hardly hear anything about. Check out some of these crazy Viber stats that I was able to dig up recently. I get the feeling we will be hearing more about VIber in the future.