By the Numbers: 7 Interesting Dropbox Statistics


With a great deal of my stat posts over the years spotlighting social networks and ecommerce platforms, it is time to switch a little of the focus to digital services and what better a place to explore than cloud storage services. This has been an area of significant growth over recent years with quite a bit of room still to grow.

The first cloud storage stat post is for one of the largest services out there: Dropbox. Dropbox has been growing exponentially since it’s launch in 2007 and continues to impress seven years later. Here are a few of the more interesting Dropbox statistics I was able to dig up.

How Many Facebook Friends Does the Average User Have? (New and Updated Facebook Stats)

facebook stat

The holiday season and year-end always provide us social media stat geeks with some interesting Facebook facts and figures. Recently, I spent a little quality time with my various Facebook stat posts and added/updated a bunch of new stuff.

Below are a few of the new and updated Facebook stats from this round. For hundreds more, please check out each of the posts linked at the bottom of this post.

By the Numbers: 8 Amazing Shazam Statistics


When having a conversation about digital heavyweights, the odds are good that Shazam comes up all that often. Shazam is just one of those apps that we all have and generally take for granted. Since it doesn’t have the user-to-user interaction that social networks and messaging apps have, we don’t think about just how massive a user base Shazam has.

News came out this week that Shazam is adding new features like connectivity to music streaming services and popularity charts. Shazam is also rumored of late to be heading to an IPO. This news got me wondering what kind of usage an app like Shazam gets. What I found was pretty amazing….

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Keep an Eye on in 2015

New Year is just around the corner, and as people are making their resolutions lists, most marketers are thinking about the next big thing that is going to help them in 2015. So, what is the best social network to focus on during the next 12 months? While there is no clear answer, it is obvious that our area of work is extremely volatile, and what is good today might not be so successful tomorrow, but you know what they say “Luck favors the prepared mind” so it is best to stay informed about all the latest trends and news when it comes to online marketing.

We have prepared a few simple tips that each marketing manager should consider before totally relaxing and embracing the holiday cheer.

By the Numbers: 12 Interesting Spotify Statistics (December 2014)

Spotify sure has grown up in a relatively short period of time. It seems like only yesterday that the rumors were swirling about this foreign music service that was looking to enter the U.S. To this news, many of us rolled our eyes and said “why do we need another music streaming service?”

Well, after a few years stateside, it appears that a bunch of people made the decision that they did indeed need another music streaming service and Spotify was the one.