(September 2013) Here are the Latest Restaurant, Retail & Grocery Printable Facebook Coupons

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Facebook couponSo here is something I thought might be fun. I am combining two of my favorite hobbies (social media and saving money) and creating this list of every printable coupon campaign I can find on Facebook.

I am going to try to update this list regularly. Of course, Facebook coupon campaigns come and go very quickly and you may find that a few of the links become inactive over the course of a month. It happens. I will do my best to keep the list as current as possible though.

Here goes…

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  • Chel Grenier

    are you going to have an august update?? Thanks for posting these!

  • ruzzel01

    I look forward for some newly updated info. Can’t wait to get some awesome coupons again on the page. bluepromocode.com

  • muzemeow

    ???? any more updates?