MySpace Deletes Old User Content…and Some People Actually Care

myspaceYou may have missed the announcement, but if you had a MySpace account, the odds are good that your old content has been deleted.

To the surprise of its active users, MySpace  migrated to the its new format this week and with that, a bunch of old user content from the past decade disappeared faster than Myspace’s once impressive user base.

Here is the statement from the network explaining the content disappearance:

We’re focused on building the best Myspace possible. And to us, that means helping you discover connect and share with others using the best tools available. Going forward we’re concentrating on building and maintaining the features that make those experience better. That means you won’t see a few products on the new site…

    • Blogs
    • Private Messages
    • Videos
    • Comments or Posts
    • Custom background design
    • Games

We know that this is upsetting to some but it gives us a chance to really concentrate on creating a new experience for discovery and expression. Feel free to hit the Me Too button if you have similar questions so we can track your needs and concerns.


Ok, let’s be honest, when is the last time you checked your MySpace account (feel free to comment below)? I think my last trip over there was in 2008.

Well, apparently a portion of the remaining 32.6 million user accounts were actually still active..and they are pissed.

Check out this thread about the missing content which was posted on the MySpace feedback page. Ya, it aint pretty.

Before I get all the comments, yes, MySpace is a free service so these people should have known that the content they generated on MySpace, belonged to MySpace. No doubt about it. But a social network is nothing without a happy user base, so a move like this that would so clearly annoy the network’s user base is a curious one.

If there has ever been a social network that can’t afford to lose active users, MySpace is it. That said, this may be just a blip on the radar for MySpace and maybe these people are not in the target demo for the new MySpace. Regardless, it will be very interesting to see how MySpace handles this debacle and moves forward with the new format.

Image Credit: David Morris

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  • Spike G2g

    yea fuck that I had saved pics on there and believed that it had the chance to keep the memories since the pics were on the internet I thought that was the safest way… FUCK them just toying with peoples lives and shit!!

  • kelsey

    The only thing I’m really depressed about are my blogs. A simple email would have been nice. That small step could have saved me lots of heartache.

  • Pheezy

    I lost my best friend in a car accident and I have nothing to remember her by, all our comments are gone. This frustrates me because that was my main reason to keep this account. I lost a big piece of me and you are to blame because now I’ll never be able to go back on our conversations again. I HATE YOU MYSPACE and whoever thought it was okay to delete it