How To: Follow The Oscars Using Social Media

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Earlier this month, we saw the Super Bowl and Grammy Awards generate a huge amount of online buzz as viewers flocked to their “second screen” to converse about, and interact with, what they were watching.

Tonight’s 84th Academy Awards (7pm ET, ABC) is the next social TV event and there is plenty of online activity planned for it. Here are a few ways you can follow the festivities on social media:


Twitter is always an active place on awards nights and tonight will be no different. Here are the important accounts and hashtags to follow:

Official Event Profile: @TheAcademy, @OscarGoer, @OscarInterview and @BillyCrystal (host)

Official Red Carpet Hashtag: #BestDressed

Official Event Hashtag: #Oscars


The Oscars have teamed up with GetGlue for a series of special check-in stickers.

Visit the GetGlue blog post for information on how to unlock each sticker.


You can also follow the Oscars by visiting the Academy’s YouTube, Facebook (which, strangely, is being used almost entirely to drive traffic to their other social network profiles), Google+, Pinterest and Instagram pages.

Enjoy the show everyone and see you online!