How To: Use Digital to Let Your State of the Union Opinion be Heard

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State of the Union onlineTonight’s State of the Union Address (9pm ET) is sure to generate opinions from across the ideological spectrum. As with every SOTU speech, there will undoubtedly be a laundry list of new initiatives that President Obama will look to focus on in 2013. Some will applaud these usually ambitious items and some will criticize them.

In the past, sharing your opinion of the speech, and its content, was relegated to water coolers and talk radio. Now, thanks to the magic of digital, you are able to give feedback online in real-time and be heard.

Here are a few ways you can digitally make your thoughts about the SOTU public:

bing state of the union online

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  1. Bing – Microsoft and Fox News have partnered up on Bing Pulse, a real-time interactive polling tool that will gauge online audience reaction to the speech. Pulse will be housed on Bing’s special State of the Union page. Also included on this page will be a live stream of the speech, a Twitter feed from select U.S. political accounts and links to other political news.
  2. – The White House website will be live streaming the speech in its entirety while adding what they are calling “enhanced” features. These enhancements include related graphs and data that can only be found on the site. There are also a number of links on the site to places where you can comment on what you are viewing.
  3. Twitter – Of course, if you want your opinion to be made public, is there a better platform than Twitter? Once again, Twitter will be hopping tonight before/during/after the speech. The best hashtag to use to have your opinion heard tonight is #SOTU.
  4. google hangout state of the union onlineGoogle+ – President Obama will again take to the Google+ network  for a live hangout on Thursday 2/14   at 4:50pm ET. Clearly, the State of the Union will be the predominant topic of the hangout. From now until 11:59pm ET on 2/13, users are able to submit questions for the President to the White House YouTube page. According to a Google blog announcement  you will also be able to watch the State of the Union on the White House YouTube page as well.

Image Credits: Jason Pratt, Bing, Google