How To: Unlock the foursquare NHL Badges

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To commemorate hockey finally returning tomorrow, foursquare and the NHL are partnering for new badges and check-in deals.

foursquare nhl badge

Here are the badge highlights:

The foursquare NHL badge can be earned by checking-in to two different games. You will also earn yourself 15% off merchandise at the NHL’s online store.

Additionally, the New York IslandersColorado AvalancheWashington CapitalsCarolina Hurricanes and Vancouver Canucks are offering their own team badges and check-in deals. To earn one of these team badges, you either have to check-in to one of their home games or check-in to an away game and like their foursquare page.

Details about each team’s check-in deal can be found on foursquare’s blog.

foursquare nhl badges

Enjoy your shiny new badges and Go Bruins!