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Get the Most Out of the Super Bowl With Social Media & Mobile

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These days, just about everyone watches TV with some sort of second screen device nearby. Whether it is a laptop, tablet, smartphone or iPod, many TV viewers are able, and willing, to go online when prompted to get more out of their viewing experience.

The NFL and their teams understand the second screen tendencies of the average TV viewer and use it to their advantage by incorporating social media and mobile apps into the game presentation in order to bring the consumer online and give them additional content beyond their TV production.

So what’s in store for viewers this year for Social TV? Below is a rundown of what you can expect Sunday night. I will be updating this post as more networks announce their plans, so check back as the weekend progresses.


Social community management tool Hootsuite has created a Super Bowl XLVII Command Center. This microsite aggregates a bunch of Twitter and Facebook data and displays it in an easily digestible way. The command center gives you each team’s tweets and reports Facebook likes and also has sentiment graphs which displays how Twitter users are feeling about each team in real-time. This is a fun way to visualize fan reaction to the game activity.

hootsuite super bowl Twitter:

Twitter has created this handy microsite to help you follow the Super Bowl-related tweets. The page gives a live stream of the #SB47 hash tag and then lists the accounts of the players and VIPs involved in the game.


There are a number of pages on Facebook that offer fans a place to get game and team information and exclusive content. The best pages to keep an eye on before and during the game are:


YouTube is back with AdBlitz, partnering this year with AdWeek. Much like last year, AdBlitz gives viewers the ability to watch their favorite ads after they’ve aired on TV and then vote on them after the game concludes.


Once again, GetGlue will be offering special stickers that will only be unlocked during the Super Bowl. The social TV network recently announced that they have teamed up with Hulu for their Super Bowl sticker set. They will also be offering a free month of Hulu Plus to users that check-in.


Personal mobile magazine app Flipboard has created a special Super Bowl section where readers can follow everything written and posted about the big game. The special section also includes Hulu and YouTube feeds that will allow users to watch new and classic Super Bowl ads.

Mobile Apps:

  • nfl mobile appSB XLVII Guide App (AndroidiOS) – In case you are lucky enough to be in New Orleans this weekend, the official game app from the NFL can act as your digital concierge.
  • NFL Mobile App (AndroidiOS) – Want to watch the game, but you aren’t going to be near a TV on Sunday night? No problem. With the NFL’s mobile app, you can get live streaming of the game on your mobile device.


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