100,000+ Check-Ins to foursquare Super Bowl Venue; Co-founder checks-in for Packers

Update (2/6/11 8:40pm est):foursquare Co-Founder Dennis Crowley just checked in and earned the Packers badge.

Update (2/6/11 8:20pm est): 102,000 check-ins and still climbing.

Update (2/6/11 7:30pm est): The venue, “Super Bowl Sunday” has already been checked into 73,000 times. Watch the check-in count continue to climb here.

Original Post:

Much like the NBA Finals, foursquare is capitalizing on the hype surrounding a major sports event by issuing special Super Bowl badges.

Unlike the NBA Championships, you actually have to check-in to special locations to get your team’s badge and you will get something else for doing so.

The actual Super Bowl badge can only be unlocked by checking in to the Super Bowl XLV in Dallas on Sunday.

foursquare is also issuing Packers and Steelers badges for the big game. To unlock either of those badges, on Sunday, you must check-in to a “Trending Now” venue and shout out “Go Steelers” or “Go Packers.”

The twist to earning these new badges is that, along with the badge, users will be given a redemption code for 20% off at the NFLshop.com. Offering coupons for check-ins is uncharted territory for foursquare, so it will be interesting to see how successful it is.

This is a great way for foursquare to test and build a solid case study for both couponing and promoted (trending) venues. Might be the beginning of a revenue stream for the company.

Enjoy your new badges and Go Packers!

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