Flipboard Creates Section Just for Super Bowl Content

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Flipboard Super Bowl

For the second year in a row, Personal mobile magazine app Flipboard has created a special Super Bowl section where readers can follow everything written and posted about the big game.

The special section also includes Hulu and YouTube feeds that will allow users to watch new and classic Super Bowl ads.

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Flipboard is jumping on to the Super Bowl bandwagon.

The mobile app that turns RSS feeds into a magazine-style flipbook, has created a special feed that is dedicated to Super Bowl content, much like they did for the Golden Globes recently. The new section contains articles, videos and recipes that are related to tomorrow’s big game.

It’s a pretty cool feature and definitely worth a look. To find it, open up your Flipboard app and click on the red ribbon (with a magnifying glass in it) and the first option should be ‘Super Bowl XLVI.’