By the Numbers: 20 Amazing LINE Statistics (Japanese Chat App)


One of the more successful social chat app companies in terms of revenue generation is Japan’s LINE (not a typo, they spell it in all caps). Through a creative combination of sticker sales and a bunch of interconnected mobile apps and games, LINE has been able to grow quickly and profitably.

As with many of its Asia-Pacific chat app counterparts, LINE is growing very quickly and is spread well past its native domicile. If you haven’t heard of LINE yet, you will and marketers should absolutely take note.

Here is a start; here is a collection of the most interesting statistics I could dig up on LINE. As always, there will be updates in the future….

3 Reasons to be Optimistic About Facebook’s “Slingshot”

It was rumored that Facebook has been working on a program to rival Snapchat. Given the name “Slingshot,” the program in question is a video messaging app; this is one of the two prominent features that Snapchat boasts, the other being photo sharing. As of this point, “Slingshot” is nothing but a rumor, though the idea of it being made a reality is an interesting one, especially if it means that both Facebook and Snapchat will work harder to draw in audiences.

3 Talking Points on SnapChat’s New Chat Feature

Well, it seems like Snapchat is no longer about sending temporary photos and videos to friends anymore.

Recently, Snapchat incorporated a new tool simply called “Chat” and it does exactly what the namesake lives up to. With Chat, Snapchat users can have text-based conversations with friends and even share live video feeds with the flip of a proverbial switch. Chat is an interesting addition that – more than anything else – adds another layer to an app that many smartphone users get lost in.