Updated: Is Firefox in Trouble???

12/5 Update: According to AllThingsD, Mozilla and Google are still actively negotiating a search deal.

Original Post: Over the past three days, internet browser Firefox has been in the news quite a bit- and not much of it good…

First, PCWorld tells us that Firefox lost its position as the second-most used browser to Chrome….

IE10 Will Only Work in Windows 7

According to Computerworld, Microsoft has decided to develop IE10 for only Windows 7, leaving the users of Vista, XP and (if there are any) anything older out of luck.

Its a strange move for Microsoft. A few weeks ago, we learned that Firefox4 had beaten IE9 in their first month of existence. I wondered then if part of Microsoft’s problem was that IE9 did not work with Windows XP (54% of their users) and if they may see this as a problem and update IE9 to work with XP.