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New and Updated Tumblr Stats


Today’s DMR update is another long overdue one. Even with almost 200 million blogs on its platform, Tumblr still seems to fly under the radar a bit more than its social counterparts. I don’t have a bunch of Tumblr updates, but the numbers I was able to round up sure are impressive. Here are some of the updates:

How To: Maximize Your Facebook Post Reach Through Proper Timing


It is no secret that Facebook has been putting the squeeze on businesses for quite some time now. Like just about every other online property that is trying to survive financially, Facebook is increasingly becoming a “pay to play” platform for businesses looking to reach its users. Organic page post reach has been dramatically reduced and even the largest of brands are finding it difficult to reach their own likes, let alone new audiences, without advertising it.

So how do you combat this shift and keep Facebook a viable digital channel for your business. The obvious answer is start investing in advertising you posts. Almost as important is to be smart about your Facebook posting to ensure you maximize your free reach.

Silencer: The Spoiler-Free Tool for Google Chrome


As someone who is in the middle of the second season of “Orange is the New Black,” I have been avoiding any and all spoilers. It’s easy for key points to be unveiled, before you even arrive at them, on the Internet and that’s when your enjoyment of any program dwindles. The Internet is practically a hotbed for spoilers but, to most viewers, it should not matter.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply get rid of spoilers altogether? In fact, is it possible that you can filter these sorts of details so that you can enjoy a TV show, movie, or what have you without the risk of them being spoiled?

If you are a Chrome user, the answer to these pleas may have very well been answered.

Huge Update to Our Digital/Social Total User Post

The big updates to my stat posts keep on rolling along. The latest post to get some update love is my big list of how many people use each digital and social media network, app, tool, etc.

Many of the existing listings were updated including:

-Dropbox: 275 million users (Tweet this stat)
-Evernote: 100 million users (Tweet this stat)
-Facebook: 1.28 billion (Tweet this stat)…