Massive Stat Update, Round 3: Google, Gmail, Instagram, JD, LinkedIn and More

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Here we go with round three of this multi-week (I was more behind than I originally thought) wave of stat updates. Today’s updates are brought to you courtesy of the letters “G,” “H,” “I,” “J,” “K,” & “L.” There are a number of digital heavyweights in this round including Google, Instagram and LinkedIn.

17 Updated User Totals Including Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Facebook Messenger, JD, Netflix, QQ, Paypal Pinterest and WeChat

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My most recent round of user total updates was a big one. Between public companies reporting quarterly earnings, a few private companies offering new tallies and a few gems from earlier this year that I missed in previous rounds, this round includes some of the biggest names in the digital world.

Below are the newly updated totals. For about 800 more user totals, be sure to visit my big list.

Freelance Market: IT Business Opportunities for Remote Workers


In the United States, freelancing has experienced a boom over the last several years. Currently one third of all workers in the US are considered to be “independent,” and that number is expected to grow exponentially over the next several years. Some estimates indicate that by 2020, freelancers will make up 40 percent of the workforce.

Some fields lend themselves to freelancing, while others do not. It’s not likely you’ll find many freelance dentist in your city, but you will likely find many freelance IT professionals. Last year, of the $6.8 million earned by freelancers, 54 percent was paid to those working in the technology industry.

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How Many Billions of Tumblr Posts Are There? (New and Updated Tumblr Stats)


Tumblr recently released a series of 2014 recap stats, which gave me the perfect excuse to make some long-overdue updates and additions to my Tumblr stat post. In this round, I’ve included a few 2014 superlatives, but more importantly updated some of the more critical stats like number of Tumbler users, blogs and posts.

Below are some of the new and updated Tumblr stats from this round in my new Slideshare format. As always, for many more stats, please visit the full post.

4 Awesome Ways to Track and Chat with Santa Digitally (2014 Edition)


Every year, it seems like more and more digital companies are getting into the holiday spirit and showing off their creativity by offering fun ways for kids of all ages to reach out to Santa Claus.Most of this Santa-stalking started with NORAD’s online Santa tracking 60 years ago and really took off once digital heavyweights like Google and Microsoft entered the picture.

Now there are countless ways for kids to make a last-minute plea to the big guy and get on the nice list and to track his journey on Christmas Eve. In what has become a sort of tradition here at DMR, here is a quick rundown of my four favorite online Santa campaigns.

How Social Media is Revolutionising the Food Industry


Last month, Waitrose boss Mark Price concluded that social media has led to dramatic changes in the way we now perceive food, which in turn has sparked a dilemma for food industry giants.

The report has found that Britons have recently developed more cosmopolitan taste buds, born out of the sharing of food images online. As social media provides a way for the globe to share images and ideas, it’s no wonder we are now taking food inspiration from people all over the world.

According to the report…

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4 Things to Consider for a Website Redesign


Every few years most sites do a website redesign to catch up with the new features and trends in the design industry. Your website is how you are going to show off your brand. It’s all about having the best user experience, so if you haven’t updated your website in quite some time, maybe you should consider it. There are plenty of reasons why you should hire a professional designer. Don’t try and save money to do it yourself, because in the end you will probably just end up hiring a web developer anyway.

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How Many People Now Use Facebook on a Mobile Device? (New and Updated Facebook Stats)

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For digital stat geeks, Facebook’s quarterly earnings report and ensuing conference call are always something to look forward to and last week’s reports certainly did not disappoint. I spent a little quality time with my various Facebook stat posts over the weekend and got added/updated everything from the reports, along with other stats that I have put aside recently. The result is a bunch of new and updated stats on each of the posts.

Below are a few of the new and updated Facebook stats from this round. For hundreds more, please check out each of the posts linked at the bottom of this post.

How To: Motivate Your Employees (Infographic)

Water Cooler

With the job market heating up and a dramatic, millennial-led shift in workplace attitudes and expectations, building a strong, positive culture has become a very challenging imperative for employers.

Back in the day, employees were motivated by the prospects of working their way up the corporate ladder and earning potential monetary rewards. It was not uncommon for employees to stay at one place for many years, if not their entire careers. That has all changed.

How Many YouTube Videos are Uploaded to Facebook Every Minute? (New and Updated YouTube Stats)

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It’s been a little while since my last round of YouTube stat updates and additions, so recently I spent a little time with (almost) everyone’s favorite video sharing network.

Below are a few of the new and updated YouTube stats. As always, be sure to check out the full post here for a complete listing of all things YouTube.