5 Email Marketing Best Practices to Avoid the Prospect’s Spam Folder

In order for an email marketing campaign to be effective it should reach the target audience in a timely manner. The first hurdle to overcome is usually avoiding the prospect’s’ spam folder.

If one of your tasks includes sending email to colder leads, this article will give you five helpful tips to help ensure your mail is not considered spam and is more effective.

By the Numbers: 77 Mobile Marketing Stats You Need to Know (September 2013)

text messaging infographic

These are some of the more interesting mobile marketing stats I have come across lately.

Everything You Need To Know About Content Marketing (Infographic)

Just getting started with content marketing and looking for a quick primer? Here is a great infographic that explores what content marketing is, what it does and debunks a few myths about it. I hope you find it helpful as you set out on your quest to create and distribute great content.