Crisis Management

Do Sponsored Tweets and Blog Posts Help Crisis Managers?

AdAge ran an interesting article this week about Walgreens social crisis management campaign aimed at getting a leg up in their heated battle with Express Scripts, their former pharmacy benefits provider. The campaign, which includes paying for positive blog posts and positive sponsored tweets, is relatively new ground in the crisis management world and has raised a few eyebrows.

Soccer Player Learns to “Think Before he Tweets” the Hard Way

One of these days, celebrities with hundreds of thousands (or millions) of followers will figure out that they are brands and need to treat their social media activity as brand management.

I wrote a piece a while back that suggested that anyone tweeting on behalf of a brand think before they tweet. Well, some celebs haven’t quite caught on yet.

The latest celebrity to Tweet without thinking is Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny…

US Homeland Security to Issue Terror Alerts on Facebook, Twitter

According to a memo the Associated Press reports on today, the US Department of Homeland Security is entertaining the idea using Facebook and Twitter as one of its means to issue terror alerts beginning soon.

It is unclear how exactly, they will issue these alerts, but one can imagine that they will be utilizing their current Facebook Page and the new National Terrorism Advisory System Twitter Feed.