14 Facebook Stats You Need to Know (Infographic)


It may not be the only show in town anymore, but Facebook is still a large, if not the largest, digital marketing platform out there. Marketers of all walks of life need to be up to speed on the latest Facebook developments and trends. That is a major reason why I spend so much time reporting Facebook statistics and offering up bits of strategy and insight here and there.

Recently, I partnered with the marketing software company Shortstack on this awesome interactive Facebook stat infographic. They used a number of key stats from various DMR stat posts for this graphic. Be sure to hover over each stat to get details on it.

How To: Maximize Your Facebook Post Reach Through Proper Timing


It is no secret that Facebook has been putting the squeeze on businesses for quite some time now. Like just about every other online property that is trying to survive financially, Facebook is increasingly becoming a “pay to play” platform for businesses looking to reach its users. Organic page post reach has been dramatically reduced and even the largest of brands are finding it difficult to reach their own likes, let alone new audiences, without advertising it.

So how do you combat this shift and keep Facebook a viable digital channel for your business. The obvious answer is start investing in advertising you posts. Almost as important is to be smart about your Facebook posting to ensure you maximize your free reach.

How To: Avoid an Unproductive Meeting


Organized and productive meetings are more important than ever. In today’s workplace, making your employee’s feel like you don’t value their time or that their work has no meaning is the quickest way to building an unhealthy and negative company culture. Here are some tips on how to avoid an unproductive meeting…

How To: Get Your Site Found in Google Search Results


So how do you optimize your site to ensure you achieve the best possible search ranking possible? Of course, a majority of your success will come from having quality content, but there are a number of other page features that you need to pay attention to as well. Following the tips in this post should get you some pretty solid results.

How To: Be More Productive in Everything You Do

Let’s face it; we are all trying to do a bunch of things all at once. It seems as though multitasking is at an all-time high these days as digital is making it much easier for us to keep on track and get quite a bit more done than we would have in the past.

That said, who couldn’t stand to be a bit more productive?