The Top 5 Benefits to Employee Content Sharing (Infographic)


With content marketing all the rage and social media noise at an alarming rate, businesses, especially small businesses, need to utilize any and all content sharing possibilities available to them. Employees can offer a great opportunity to amplify the reach of the valuable content your company is developing to a receptive and relatively targeted audience.

By the Numbers: 21 Amazing WordPress Statistics

wordpress statistics

Few companies have impacted digital marketing like WordPress. WordPress’ simple and free content management system(CMS) and endless library of free and (relatively) inexpensive themes and plug-ins have made creating an awesome website that has dynamic and optimized content a DIY project for many business owners and marketers. While custom development certainly has its benefits, WordPress has leveled the digital marketing playing field just a bit for smaller businesses trying to compete with major companies with large marketing budgets. WordPress is such an impressive web platform that even some of the larger sites on the web have built their sites on it and a number of established web developers have switched to WordPress as their CMS of choice to build on.

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New DMR Feature: A Handy Resource Page for Bloggers and Content Marketers


One of the most common emails I get from DMR visitors is asking about specific tools I use or recommend for various aspects of this site. While I encourage any and all messages, I figured I would create a handy page to list out some of the more helpful content marketing resources I use for DMR.

Building and maintaining such a large site with dynamic content is definitely a challenging part-time job. The blogging resources, tools and gadgets included in this resource page have been lifesavers for me and really are what enable me to keep DMR going all these years.

What You Need to Know About Emojis


So, you thought emojis were just a millennial fad? Well, think again. Emojis allow advertisers to portray real-world expressions and feelings in one simple image, enabling them to easily add sentiment and emotions into their ad, without the use of words.

3 Kinds of Online Video Production Ideas for Every Business


The use of business online video marketing and on company’s web site is rapidly increasing as companies realize its power to build awareness, engage customers, convert leads and drive sales. Both B2B and B2C purchasers are vying for quick information, and professional corporate video production content can be used to supplement, or in replacement of, text heavy messages that are difficult to understand into website content that is fresh, personal and engaging for the intended audience.

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, an online business video that is one minute in length has the same value of 1.8 million words. For a business big or small, the time and energy it would take to write 1.8 million words and ultimately use those words for marketing are unfathomable. Video content makes this possible in a quick and affordable manner. It is no surprise why 90% of online buyers state that a video highlighting a product / service features or company information is helpful in making a buying decision. And that companies that are integrating corporate video production services into their sales and marketing workflow are seeing higher sales and more profit for a business.

Businesses that are slow to adopt B2C and/or B2B video marketing content are missing out, as consumer behavior is the driving force behind video. More than 1 billion unique visitors go to YouTube each month, according to the site, and more than 4 billion hours of video is watched by those users. And don’t think these are all cat and music videos being watched. According to a Forbes Insight Study 75% of executives surveyed said they watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly; more than half (52%) watch work-related videos on YouTube at least weekly. Overall, 65% have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video.

Regardless if you are B2C or B2B, your customers / clients are eager to see what your business has to offer, which is why the use of website video communications is becoming such a higher and higher priority for marketers.

But where do you get started? Here are a few ways in which digital business video production can be used to effectively to promote your online presence and drive new sales.

10 Indispensable Productivity Apps for Working on the Go


In today’s fast moving digital and information age, many of us are working on the go and still others are telecommuting and also working from home. Enter the app, easily and conveniently downloaded to our omnipresent handheld devices. These clever tools offer many solutions, valuable tools, information and important data on our smaller screens while we’re on the go.

So without any further adieu, here are ten great mobile apps for those of us who seem to be constantly on the move:

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet for 2015 Predictions and Trends (INFOGRAPHIC)

mesh periodic table thumbnail

In the digital marketing industry, there is a lot of noise. A lot. Because there are so many facets to digital marketing in 2015 and so many pundits telling you how to use each channel and making predictions of future uses, it is very challenging to keep up with what is out there. Everyone takes a different angle and approach to consumer outreach and there is much to be considered each time you develop a campaign strategy. Even the most organized marketer is bound to have a head-spinning experience at some point while trying to take in and consider all that digital marketing now encompasses.

Calling All Marketing Writers!


People tend to come to DMR for more than just stats and, as the site continues to grow, updating and adding to my collection of digital stats has become a second full-time job for me by itself. To keep everyone up to date on the latest trends and thinking about digital strategy, our community need your smarts!

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Keep an Eye on in 2015


New Year is just around the corner, and as people are making their resolutions lists, most marketers are thinking about the next big thing that is going to help them in 2015. So, what is the best social network to focus on during the next 12 months? While there is no clear answer, it is obvious that our area of work is extremely volatile, and what is good today might not be so successful tomorrow, but you know what they say “Luck favors the prepared mind” so it is best to stay informed about all the latest trends and news when it comes to online marketing.

We have prepared a few simple tips that each marketing manager should consider before totally relaxing and embracing the holiday cheer.

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The Selfie; Has Your Brand Got The Picture?


It is an undeniable fact that the entire world is ‘selfie’ obsessed, but has your business got the picture when it comes to maximising the benefit of this trend?

Selfie, 2013’s word of the year, has quickly taken the social media world by storm and it’s now totally engrained in not just our online, but our everyday lives. The hashtag and the selfie are arguably the strongest couple of the 21st century and have quickly become a fundamental part of modern-day life.

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